Friday Funnies

The agony of the Democratic nomination

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  • Taktix®||

    Wow, that was funny... four months ago.

  • Episiarch||

    Lukewarm at best. At least it's not Bok, though.

  • ||

    I love how bad these comics are
    For real, Reason - can't you just hire me to do them, or something? I promise they will be no worse than the current ones.

  • ||

    If she gets elected, she probably won't call Stantis to do the official portrait.

  • BakedPenguin||

    Reinmoose - these are old, and of limited value to non-H&R'ers but...

  • check it out||

  • ||

    The Onion did the definitive Barack Obama "change" joke.

    Anything else is a mere "Put 'Em On the Glass" to their "Baby Got Back."

  • Episiarch||

    Link, joe?

  • ||

  • Episiarch||

    Ha ha, that's hilarious. Thanks.

  • ||

    TThis is the third election in a row where the election was the Democrats to lose. And I suspect they're going to deliberately lose it for the third time too. In 2004 the excuse was that they wanted to be in a position for a 2008 Hillary run, so what's their excuse this time?

  • ||

    In 2004 the excuse was that they wanted to be in a position for a 2008 Hillary run, so what's their excuse this time?

    Its really hard to build an electoral majority on a coalition of alienated fringe groups?

    Or is that the libertarian excuse? I get confused.

  • ||

    Obviously, any candidate running against an incubment wartime president should win in a walk.'s his name. That guy who ran against an incubment president in wartime, and won. Oh, it's on the tip of my tongue!

    Someone help me out here.

  • Paul||

    Gerald Ford? No! Uhm, Lyndon Johnson. No wait, Harry Truman!!! What do I win?

  • ||

    I'm lazy.

    When the night
    comes back
    telling a story, I'm
    lazy: beautiful
    sounds of a primitive
    faith appear in
    my mind, and even
    that arrow describes,
    in a moment, the
    slippery darkness
    of a tender caprice,
    there, where a
    light fades away......

    Francesco Sinibaldi


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