Lists: What's Your Source for That?

Where Andrew Breitbart gets his information.

Andrew Breitbart describes his job function as “Matt Drudge’s bitch,” but he’s being modest: He’s the man behind the curtain at The Drudge Report, stirring up the site’s signature mix of scandal, box office returns, wire stories, and political tidbits. Breitbart also brought the world The Huffington Post, where celebrities blog about politics, and he runs his own news portal at His job is to troll for something, anything worth reading on the Internet, all day, every day. Here he promotes three of his favorite obscure online sources.

1. The nonstop rat-tat-tat of incoming news on my secret, unfiltered, raw news wire at It’s every public story from the Associated Press, Reuters, Agence France-Presse, P.A. (the British newswire), Kyoto (the Japanese newswire), UPI, and P.R. Newswire. It’s like mainlining news.

2. You can listen to the entire archive of Dennis Miller’s radio show, commercial-free, on He’s pro-war and skeptical about global warming, and he has to go to all those parties in Hollywood. On his show he holds his ground while managing to have a totally civil discussion.

3. The best news site is’s latest baseball player news—National League only. One of the benefits of being online all day long is that I tend to be the first to pick up free agents in my fantasy baseball league when a player goes down due to injury or demotion. It’s important to emphasize that I don’t waste any time with the American League.

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