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Book: Petraeus Thinks Hillary Clinton Would Make Good President

The comments mark an interesting departure for Petraeus, who, when it comes to politics, has typically remained quiet.

The book, to be released Tuesday, alleges that the unlikely pair forged a friendship while Clinton was Secretary of State.

According to excerpts of “HRC,” obtained by ABC News, Clinton, soon after taking office, invited Petraeus to her Washington home to drink wine and discuss Middle East issues. The night was so enjoyable that she invited him over again the next night to continue their chat.

Source: New York Daily News. Read full article. (link)

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  • ~Knarf Yenrab~||

    A disgraced former general believes that a disgraced former Senator and disgraced former Sec of State would be a good president two years before the next election cycle begins in earnest? Sounds like a big deal.

    I'd wear my chastity belt and secret away the key if Hillary Clinton invited me to her house to drink wine and discuss policy in the Middle East.