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'BatKid' Spends Day Fighting Crime in San Francisco-Turned-Gotham

A woman was tied to cable car tracks in San Francisco Friday morning. The villainous Riddler, and possibly his underworld sidekick, the Penguin, were rumored to be behind the heinous effort to see the woman crushed.

But a sleek black sports car, escorted by police patrol cruisers, pulled up to the crime scene at Hyde and Green streets as hundreds of spectators looked on.

Batkid had arrived.

Freeing the damsel in distress from her ropes was the first of many feats that a 5-year-old boy named Miles, of Tulelake (Siskiyou County), faced Friday as San Francisco transformed into Gotham City as part of the boy's wish to be a superhero.

The Make-A-Wish Foundation was joined by Mayor Ed Lee, Police Chief Greg Suhr - playing the fictional Commissioner Gordon- and thousands of volunteers moved by the boy's struggle with leukemia.

Source: SF Chronicle. Read full article. (link)

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