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Polling Double Digits, LP Candidate Expected To Affect VA Governor's Race

With 20 days until Virginia's gubernatorial election, the commonwealth's libertarian candidate for governor, Robert Sarvis, is campaigning hard.

While the latest poll released Tuesday by Christopher Newport University shows Sarvis with only 11 percent of support from likely voters, analysts suggest his presence in the race could have a significant impact on his Republican and Democratic challengers.

Source: NBC Washington. Read full article. (link)

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  • ||

    Alright! So if there are any more gubernatorial debates they'll surely invite Mr. Sarvis, right? Hello? This thing on?

  • Scarecrow Repair||

    Oh heck no, they'll just continue to use his average polling and extend it backwards to, say, 1950.

  • Locris||

    The involvement of Mr. Sarvis will only aid the dependacrat candidate.
    I did not see a whole lot of Libertarian speech or ideology demonstrated during the food stamp card glitch from any of its users.
    And if the reports be true about the number of citizens partaking of others wallets is true, then they will sprint away from any person who even looks like they might even think about entitlement reform.
    Thus the dependacrat wins every time a Libertarian enters a race.

    Sure, the R's aren't the answer, but they are less of the problem.
    So why not try running as a republican?

  • RightNut||

    Sarvis probably assumed he could not win a republican primary.