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Former EPA Official Who Admitted to Stealing $900,000 by Impersonating CIA Offficial Pleads Fifth at House Hearing

A former federal official, who has pleaded guilty to stealing nearly $900,000 by impersonating a CIA officer, refused to testify before a House committee Tuesday.

John Beale, who admitted last week to stealing salary, bonuses and other payments from the Environmental Protection Agency for more than a decade while he pretended to work for the CIA, sought protections under the Fifth Amendment and refused to answer questions from the House Oversight and Government Reform Committee.

Source: The Hill. Read full article. (link)

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  • John C. Randolph||

    What? A crook in the government? But that's impossible!


  • DH||

    But but but government and by association, government workers are only here to help us out. Government employees would never abuse their power. This to be a lie.


  • Ted Levy||

    "Top Democrat shocked by 'betrayal of the public trust'" that he didn't think of himself...

  • NotAnotherSkippy||

    And this is what you get when you shutdown the government. How is the man expected to feed his family? Whose paychecks will he steal now?!