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Semi-Automatic Rifle That Imitates Machine Gun to Go on Sale This Fall

Machine guns are illegal in the U.S. for most people, but one small company has found a way around that.

Slide Fire, based in Moran, Texas, plans to sell a semiautomatic rifle that mimics the rapid fire of a machine gun and is also fed bullets from a belt, which provides a huge capacity for ammunition -- potentially thousands of rounds.

h/t Chaim Katz

Source: CNN Money. Read full article. (link)

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  • Steve G||

    The horror!

  • Wizard4169||

    Sounds like a wonderful way to burn through ammo.

  • VicRattlehead||

    Should equip every rancher along the mexican boarder with one, see who wants to illegally cross then

  • Agreenweed||

    This isn't really need per se- slide fire already makes parts to make your AR15 do all this. You change the stock for theirs that costs about 300 bucks and it utilizes a sort of "bump fire" method.

  • SomeGuy||

    it is a bump stock big whoop. get a piece of wood and any semi auto weapon with enough recoil can shoot like that