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As Protests Ease, Egypt Becomes Awash in Conspiracy Theories

It's been almost a month since Egyptian security forces brutally dispersed the Muslim Brotherhood protest camps, and Cairo's physical scars have mostly healed.

At Nahda Square, the site of the smaller of the two pro-Morsi "sit-in" protests, only the blackened palm trees and scorched lawns tell the tale of the ferocity of the police assault, which killed at least 90 people.

Life for many of Cairo's almost 20 million inhabitants is very slowly returning to normal, but for those caught in the crossfire of Egypt's domestic tumult, President Morsi's overthrow has left an indelible stain.

The past few months have seen Cairo morph into a hub for conspiracy theories, with both warring Islamist and Nationalist factions taking turns to identify and vilify various foreigners as the source of Egypt's woes.

Source: The Atlantic. Read full article. (link)

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