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Healthcare Exchanges May Not be Open to Congressional Staffers Right Away

A memo to House staff on Wednesday said that the Office of Personnel Management may not issue the final rules about how members of Congress and congressional staff members can enroll in Obamacare insurance exchanges until after enrollment begins on October 1.

“Members of the staff are advised that although state and federal healthcare exchanges created under the [Affordable Care Act] will be open for enrollment on October 1, it will not be possible to confirm plan options, costs, benefits, or which House staff will be affected until OPM issues final regulations, which could very well be after the exchanges have already opened.,” the chief administrative officer of the House, Dan Strodel, said in the memo. “However, please be assured that from the day the OPM final rule is issued until the open enrollment period closes, our benefits counselors will work tirelessly to ensure there is no gap in coverage for those no longer eligible to participate in [the standard federal-employees' health benefits plan].”

Source: National Review. Read full article. (link)

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