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Blair Says Iraq Made the UK Hesitant To Intervene in Syria

Tony Blair has said the aftermath of the invasion of Iraq has made the UK "hesitant" to intervene in Syria.

It was not that MPs did not trust the government's assessment of the threat posed by Syria, as chemical weapon use had been proved, he said.

The former prime minister added he was disappointed the UK would not be taking part in military action.

And he "disagreed" with Labour leader Ed Miliband, who helped defeat the government in a Commons vote last week.

Source: BBC. Read full article. (link)

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  • Anders||

    Ah yes, little Toni the Humanitarian War Monger. That bitchy little queen told outright lies that the W administration was asked to support and flat out refused to. It was the only way he could drag the UK into Iraq.

    Odious little shirt lifter, off with thee.