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Boeing Predicts Massive Pilot Shortage

Boeing Co. predicts the commercial airline industry will need nearly a half-million additional pilots by 2032, a result of the slowdown of new blood entering the field and continuing growth of airlines across the world.

The world’s largest commercial plane maker, which is based in Chicago, issued the forecast Thursday at an event marking the launch of 787 flight training at the Boeing Flight Services campus in Miami.

In addition to the expected need for 498,000 pilots, Boeing forecasts the industry will demand 556,000 new airline maintenance technicians. That works out to about 25,000 additional pilots and 28,000 maintenance workers needed annually.

Source: Chicago Tribune. Read full article. (link)

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  • ||

    Bring on the drones!

  • SQRLSY One||

    Emperor Obozo is a drone, you really want more of HIM?!?!?!

  • Sukkoi19||

    Oh now they will need them. I finished my ATP and 4 year degree right as the industry fell off a cliff. Now that I changed direction to stay alive it comes back.

  • Ann N||

    not sure how much trust you should place in a corporation commenting on future needs of its products. sounds like a sales pitch to me. glad the news media is getting the word out. sounds like a valid thing to ask the public to focus on. they deserve those press passes and right to keep sources confidential.

    cuz creating network of govt licensed/recognized news persons is best way to get info out.

  • Mr. Hyde||

    Who would want to be a glorified bus driver when you can train to be a drone pilot?
    No uniforms, eat Cheetos all day and blow shit up all from the comfort of your own little cubicle.
    No brainer.

  • Sukkoi19||

    Heh heh. Well bus driver or not I would fly for free if I could.