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Bob Filner Resignation Official

Bob Filner announced his resignation Friday as San Diego’s 35th mayor following a tumultuous six weeks in which lurid allegations of repeated sexual misconduct against women crippled his ability to lead and turned him into a subject of national ridicule.

Filner will to step down on Aug. 30 as part of a deal approved Friday afternoon by the City Council on a 7-0 vote in closed session that limits his legal and financial exposure stemming from a sexual harassment lawsuit filed by a former aide

Source: Union Tribune San Diego. Read full article. (link)

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  • triclops||

    He held the city ransom until they agreed to pay for his sexual harassment because the city didn't teach him that it was wrong. A true hero of the people.

  • Rrabbit||

    I hope that whenever he goes into some bar the bartender beats him up, claiming as an excuse that the bar did not provide him training that beating up customers is wrong.

  • Sevo||

    "Not one allegation ...has even been independently verified or proven in court," he said. "I have never sexually harassed anyone."

    This is true enough, but then none have yet come to court. Smells like the "eatin' ain't cheatin'" defense.

  • triclops||

    Yeah, pretty cynical of old batface. He apologizes for what he's done, then denies that he did anything wrong, then finished by claiming its all a conspiracy that threatens our very foundation as a democratic republic. Sick Fuck.