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Resignation, But No Prosecution, for Delaware Official Who Abused State Credit Cards

State Deputy Treasurer Erika Benner resigned her job today after revelations that she improperly used a state credit card for personal expenses, including charging more than $1,000 for football tickets and a private car service to attend a New England Patriots game.

“I take full responsibility and apologize for the decisions I made during a very difficult time in my life and am grateful for the support you and your team provided me,” Benner wrote in a letter to State Treasurer Chip Flowers. “I do not wish to serve as a distraction to the integral work of the Treasury and the accomplishments of your administration in fighting for the principles that inspired me to public service – excellence, honor and ideas that can improve the lives of people.”

Source: DelawareOnline. Read full article. (link)

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  • PH2050||

    Can we start betting pools regarding prosecution of various abuses by gov agents? Or is that not approved gambling?

  • LifeStrategies||

    Is it only private citizens who face government persecution now? I thought all Americans are supposed to be equal under the law - and prosecuted when they break it...