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Russian Anti-Gay Law Will Be Enforced During Olympics

Russia will enforce its anti-LGBT propaganda law at the Sochi Winter Olympics, the country’s Interior Ministry announced in a statement Monday — conflicting with a statement issued late last week by the International Olympic Committee and raising the stakes for the issue as the games draw closer.

While stating that a “nontraditional sexual orientation” alone would not subject someone to any penalties, the statement issued Monday made clear that the anti-LGBT propaganda law — which is directed at protecting minors but contains broad provisions that draw in most public pronouncements relating to LGBT issues — would remain in effect.

“The law enforcement agencies can have no qualms with people who harbor a nontraditional sexual orientation and do not commit such acts [to promote homosexuality to minors], do not conduct any kind of provocation and take part in the Olympics peacefully,” according to an Interior Ministry statement issued on Monday as reported by the government-owned RIA Novosti.

Source: BuzzFeed. Read full article. (link)

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