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Initial Polls Have Liz Cheney Down by More Than 30 Points Against Enzi

Liz Cheney, the television pundit and daughter of former Vice President Dick Cheney, moved her family from Virginia to Wyoming recently to challenge Sen. Mike Enzi, R, in a Republican primary next year.

This week, Cheney released a six-minute web video announcing her candidacy. At her first campaign event, she suggested that her 69-year-old opponent was “confused” because he said that she’d told him she wouldn’t be running. 

But our new Conservative Intel Poll suggests that Cheney faces a bigger problem: Wyoming Republican voters are a bit confused by her decision to run. The poll, conducted for Conservative Intel by Harper Polling, shows that GOP voters there view Enzi very, very favorably (76%/6% fav/unfav) and back him over Cheney by more than 30 points, 55% to 21%. 

Source: Conservative Intel. Read full article. (link)

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