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Attorney Behind IRS Political Targeting Retires

The IRS attorney who allegedly helped direct the targeting of Tea Party groups and other conservative organizations says he has retired, amid lingering concerns over when and whether agency officials might face discipline over the scandal. 

The career attorney, Carter Hull, was rumored to be nearing retirement. A prior report said he had requested his government retirement package back in March, before the scandal broke. 

Amid at least three congressional investigations and a Justice Department probe, it appears Hull has left the government. A message on Hull's Washington office phone says he has retired and refers callers to another agency employee.

Source: Fox News. Read full article. (link)

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  • triclops||

    in past things like this, 99% of the bad guys go scott free, and there is a minority who become scapegoats. now 100% go free... it is depressing.

  • juliusaugustus||

    The IRS is a private corporation.

  • David332||

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