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Pilots Union Complains Feds Revealed Too Much Info About the Asiana Crash

The world's largest pilot union rebuked the federal agency handling the investigation of Saturday's passenger jet crash in San Francisco, saying it had released too much information too quickly, which could lead to wrong conclusions and compromise safety.

Releasing data from the flight's black boxes without full investigative information for context "encourages wild speculation" about the cause of the crash, the Air Line Pilots Association International said in a statement late on Monday.

The criticism came after the National Transportation Safety Board gave a detailed account of the flight's final minutes in a regular daily update on the crash.

Source: Reuters. Read full article. (link)

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  • Scarecrow Repair||

    Zounds! Something struck home.

  • Will Nonya||

    Someone in the NTSB ,misunderstood, they thought el presidente was serious about transparency. Don't they know they're supposed to obfuscate and avoid.