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More Than 2,000 March for Bradley Manning at San Francisco Pride

As much as San Francisco Pride's Board would've probably liked to have Bradley Manning and his supporters absent from any Pride 2013 recap, it is noteworthy to say, after two months of controversy, they were the largest non-corporate contingent — with over 2000 folks — and they even danced to Michael Jackson in a flash mob that delighted the crowds.

The largest corporate group was from Google; however, Facebook earned more attention as Mark Zuckerberg attended with the Facebook delegation riding on a fake trolley car. 

The Bradley Manning contingent was prominently attended by 82 year-old Daniel Ellsberg, who in 1971 leaked the Pentagon Papers to the New York Times. Ellsberg celebrated with his wife riding in a truck labeled "Bradley Manning Grand Marshal." Within the Manning contingent there was also a flash mob dance, ACT up Representatives, and many Veterans against the war.

Source: Policy Mic. Read full article. (link)

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