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Gen X Unprepared for Retirement Unless It Cuts Spending

Generation X has another reason to be cynical about the future: Many will not be able to afford retirement unless they slash spending right now and slow the economy in the process.

Other paths to retirement security — a lavish pay raise, more generous Social Security benefits, a massive stock windfall — are more hopes than plans.

This retirement cliff, and the frugality needed to avoid it, comes as younger adults' student debt already is weighing on spending and economic growth.

Gen X must exercise more discipline or risk hardship in old age. The median couple, based on assets, will have only 50% of their pre-retirement income when they turn 65, a recent Pew study found.

Source: Investors Business Daily. Read full article. (link)

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  • Live Free or Diet||

    Does anyone else remember savings and investment is a more efficient economic driver than spending? I would think IBD would.