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India Gang Rape Defendant Beaten in Jail

A defendant on trial over a fatal gang-rape in New Delhi last December is critically ill after being attacked in prison, his lawyer said Wednesday, weeks after the main accused died in the same jail.

Vinay Sharma was rushed to the state-run Lok Nayak Hospital in New Delhi on Tuesday with chest injuries after he was assaulted in Tihar Jail, lawyer A. P. Singh told AFP, also alleging that his client’s food had been poisoned.

“He was vomiting blood and running a very high fever. He was also suffering from chest pains. He is in a very critical condition,” Singh said.

Source: AFP. Read full article. (link)

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  • 4thaugust1932||

    4 people living in a house hate each other 24x7 for the past 3000 years (caste).
    What will Congress party do?
    Bribe all 4 to delay their fight (Reservations/NREGA/DBT)
    What will BJP do?
    Bully them (religious bigotry/Babri/Godhra riots)
    What will an Intellectual (Gorbachev) do?
    Perestroika/Communal Award
    Give them their share of land/Independence and tell them to go and build their own nation.