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Bloomberg Blasts Proposals To Rein In NYPD

In his weekly radio address Sunday, Mayor Michael Bloomberg blasted two proposals that he said would “undermine public safety” by placing a yoke on the NYPD.

In the address, Bloomberg credited police Commissioner Ray Kelly and his officers with driving down crime in the city using proactive policing strategies.

“Yet despite the NYPD’s incredible record of reducing crime, saving lives, and making neighborhoods far safer, the NYPD is now under attack because this is an election year,” Bloomberg said.

In particular, Bloomberg took issue with two bills before the City Council. One of them would create an inspector general to monitor the department,, while the other would let people sue police if they felt they were stopped-and-frisked because of bias based on race, sexual orientation or certain other factors.

Source: CBS New York. Read full article. (link)

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