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Donald Trump Withdraws $5 Million Bill Maher Suit

That multi-million dollar lawsuit against Bill Maher launched by Donald Trump?

It’s over … for now.

In February, POLITICO reported: “Donald Trump filed a lawsuit Monday in California against liberal comic Bill Maher, suing him for $5 million after Trump says Maher did not follow through on a $5 million public bet he made on ‘The Tonight Show.’” The bet concerned Maher’s statement that he would pay $5 million to a charity of Trump’s choice if the businessman provided a birth certificate proving that he’s not “spawn of his mother having sex with orangutan.” (It was a play on Trump’s demand last year that the president release his birth certificate and college records).

Source: Politico. Read full article. (link)

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  • Fist of Etiquette||

    Maher offered to write a check to Trump's chosen charity if he could prove Obama was not "spawn of his mother having sex with orangutan”

    I don't think that write-up is accurate.