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Poll: Obama’s Approval Falls to a 16-Month Low

President Obama's approval rating fell sharply to a 16-month low in the latest IBD/TIPP survey released Monday as the sequester fight appeared to hurt his standing with partisans on both sides.

The IBD/TIPP Presidential Leadership Index fell 6.2% to 48.4, the lowest since December 2011. That ended five months of readings over 50, which signifies support.

His rating among Republicans fell 4.3 points to 12.8. But his approval among Democrats dropped 4.2 points to 81. His support among single women has fallen from 74.6 at the time of his re-election to just 57.3 now. All those readings were the lowest in more than a year.

Source: Investors Business Daily. Read full article. (link)

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  • Ted Levy||

    Fool me once, shame on you...fool me hundreds and hundreds of times, shame on...

  • DaveAnthony||

    Who are these fickle single women that helped re-elect him but are now abandoning him (and for what reason has he pissed them all off)?