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Hunters Boycott CO In Retaliation for Gun Restrictions

DENVER — Michael Bane has a piece of advice for hunters and sportsmen contemplating a trip to Colorado: Go somewhere else.

“You are crazy to come to Colorado,” said Mr. Bane, executive producer of the Outdoor Channel, on his Wednesday talk show on Down Range Radio. “It’s not worth the risk. Spend your money where your culture is. Colorado doesn’t want you here.”

Mr. Bane, who lives in Colorado, represents part of a national boycott movement aimed at the state’s $1.8 billion hunting industry, launched by gun rights supporters last week after Democratic Gov. John Hickenlooper signed into law three gun control bills.

Republicans say the boycott should come as no surprise. “We warned them,” said Republican state Sen. Greg Brophy. “And it appears that the boycott is even bigger than we thought.”

Source: Washington Times. Read full article. (link)

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  • mad libertarian guy||

    It isn't the gun laws that had hunters flocking to Colorado, but the abundance of good hunting country and game. So long as they still have lots of country and game, hunters will continue to go there.