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Wisconsin Curriculum Berates Kids for 'White Privilege'

MADISON – “(R)acism is caused by white people, by our attitudes, behaviors, practices, and institutions … How do you justify it for yourself?”

That’s the heavy-handed question asked of Wisconsin’s public school teachers, one of many similar assertions found in a conference handout from a controversial state Department of Public Instruction initiative to combat “white privilege” in the classroom.

The four-year-old CREATE Wisconsin education initiative was ostensibly designed to help public school educators reach disadvantaged students. Now, thanks to an EAG News expose, CREATE , the acronym for Culturally Responsive Education for All: Training and Enhancement, may be more notorious for its racially charged teaching points.

Source: Wisconsin Reporter. Read full article. (link)

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  • Aresen||

    Please put this up as a single item on H&R.

    Tony and the Trolls will be sure to comment. It should be good for 300 comments.

    I'll be making popcorn.

  • anon||

    How do you justify it for yourself?

    Yay! Another iteration of "You're racist. Prove me wrong."

    Then again, I guess I'm racist for only finding logical arguments worth responding to. Cause logic is racist, remember?

  • phandaal||

    "Racism is caused by white people."

    Which is not a racist statement at all.