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Rand Paul Spars With AP Over Immigration Stance

The Associated Press is standing by its report that Sen. Rand Paul intended to back a path to citizenship in his speech Tuesday to the Hispanic Chamber of Commerce, despite the fact that he did not do so, and despite claims from advisers that the AP's story is wrong.

"AP stands by its story. In a copy of his prepared speech given to AP by his office Monday night, Sen. Paul made clear that illegal immigrants would have a path towards probationary legal status and then towards a green card, which allows people to eventually apply to become U.S. citizens," Washington Bureau Chief Sally Buzbee said in a statement sent to POLITICO.

"In the speech he delivered Tuesday, he omitted that point," she continued. "After the speech, however, Paul again confirmed, while speaking to reporters, that under his plan, illegal immigrants would ultimately be able to apply for citizenship after a long and complex process.”

Source: Politico. Read full article. (link)

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  • CosmoBro||

    Rand Paul is a paleo-con prick in libertarian clothing.

  • spyle||

    mars too cold today?