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Off-Duty Boston Cop Draws Gun on Dog

An off-duty Boston cop drew her gun when an off-leash mutt got too close to her prized pug on a walk through Franklin Park yesterday, police said — an incident that is now under review by the department.

“I didn’t think she was going to shoot, per se, but I wasn’t going to push the issue,” said Geoffrey McGaffigan, 43, who admits he’d unleashed his German shepherd Lia so she could horse around with a mixed-breed mutt named Ruby on a nearby hilltop, though city law requires dogs to be leashed.

“You don’t antagonize somebody with a gun. Like the saying goes, I don’t bring a dog to a gunfight,” McGaffigan said.

(Hat tip to Reason commenter Virginian)

Source: Boston Herald. Read full article. (link)

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