An independent law enforcement consulting firm will examine the investigative reports of two Pasadena Police detectives whose conduct has been called into question by a superior court judge, city officials announced Monday.

"We want to know, and we want to deal with it," said Mayor Bill Bogaard.

Bogaard and Police Chief Phillip Sanchez identified the officers as Kevin Okamoto and William Broghamer. The audit will examine their work as far back as 2005, according to a statement issued by the city.

On Feb. 7, Superior Court Judge Larry Fidler cited the detectives' "misconduct" as grounds to declare a mistrial in the case of two men accused of a 2007 homicide that was investigated by Okamonto and Broghamer.

Okamoto withheld evidence that supported the innocence of defendant Jerrill Sanford, and Broghamer committed "egregious" misconduct in the recorded interview of a witness, Fidler ruled.

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