No one really knows how much Obamacare is going to cost the American government or the American people. All we really know for certain, something that a number of public and private econometric studies have backed up, is that it will be more expensive than the president led us to believe it would be.

There are efforts underway to establish the true costs, or at least to help the American people understand what the out-of-pockets expense will be for them. In early February the House Ways and Means Committee started a website, Obamacare Burden Tracker  as a real-time resource to "help the public keep track of all of the new government mandates, rules, and red tape" resulting from the new healthcare law.

They're not the only ones. A group called SHOUTAmerica, a nonprofit group founded to "educate young Americans about healthcare and serve as a resource so that all are better equipped to navigate the system and the challenges it faces" has created Young Americans for Affordable Healthcare, a web-based group intended to help younger workers understand what the costs of Obamacare are to them.