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Taxpayer-Subsidized Electric Car Charging Stations Get Few Users

NASHVILLE — Few Tennesseans are taking advantage of the free, taxpayer funded electricity to power their electric-powered vehicles.

What environmentally conscious person who can afford to pay for a shiny, all-electric $36,000 Nissan Leaf wouldn’t want taxpayers paying to charge up their new toys at hundreds of charging stations throughout Tennessee? ...

Tennessee Watchdog wanted to know these answers firsthand, so we spent considerable time at three of Tennessee’s nearly 600 stations.

The result — not a single person showed up.

Source: Tennessee Watchdog. Read full article. (link)

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  • eric711||

    Ahhh reason, you just can't handle not taking pot shots whenever possible. Did you hear Estonia now has the largest charging network in the world? Get used to it electric cars are here to stay. You should be talking about this differently. Boring!