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CT Cop Assaults, Arrests Woman for Trying to Film Him

A cop in Connecticut assaulted a woman for video recording him on a public street after repeatedly telling her, “put the camera away.”

Not much information is available at this time for this video, which was posted to Youtube Thursday, but there is enough evidence to show the cop abused her rights.

Source: PINAC. Read full article. (link)

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  • Harvard||

    Also enough evidence to support shooting him and leaving him in the street.

  • Sevo||

    That cop needs to be reminded that he's speaking with his boss.

  • UCrawford||

    As someone pointed out on the source, there are leaves on the trees and everyone is wearing short sleeves. That indicates that if this happened in Connecticut, it happened some time ago.

  • UCrawford||

    Not that this changes whether what the cop did was right or wrong (it was clearly wrong)...just that it appears to be at least a few months old.

  • ||

    She was obstructing the investigation by not having a dog with her which the cop could shoot.