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Proposed Gun Law Bans and Exempts Different Models of the Same Rifles

Congress' latest crack at a new assault weapons ban would protect more than 2,200 specific firearms, including a semi-automatic rifle that is nearly identical to one of the guns used in the bloodiest shootout in FBI history.

One model of that firearm, the Ruger .223 caliber Mini-14, is on the proposed list to be banned, while a different model of the same gun is on a list of exempted firearms in legislation the Senate is considering. The gun that would be protected from the ban has fixed physical features and can't be folded to be more compact. Yet the two firearms are equally deadly.

"What a joke," said former FBI agent John Hanlon, who survived the 1986 shootout in Miami. He was shot in the head, hand, groin and hip with a Ruger Mini-14 that had a folding stock. Two FBI agents died and five others were wounded.

Source: Fox News. Read full article. (link)

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  • fish_remote||

    Feature.....always good to muddy the water and grab a few guns not on the list! For the children.

  • Free Society||

    did ya hear? that folding stock shot the FBI agent in the head, hand, dick and hip.

  • LarryA||

    And the real joke is that it takes about a minute to swap out the stocks.

  • Richard McCargar||

    Shotguns are more deadly at close range than an "assault-style" AR-15 rifle.

    In a single 00 shotgun shell, there are 8-9 pellets each .33" (8.4 mm) in size. It requires a single trigger pull to shoot a minimum of 8 pellets/rounds/projectiles.

    In a single round of an AR-15, you fire a single .223" (5.56mm) projectile per trigger pull.

    If they don't understand this, they have no business discussing the issue.

    If they do understand this, and go after so-called "assault-style" weapons, we know their actual motive is to disarm us.

  • Agreenweed||

    I use my folding stock to scare away intruders quite regularly.

  • Agreenweed||

    I fear my fixed stock would not serve to intimidate intruders as effectively as my folding stock.

  • dantheserene||

    Hanlon's experience has served as a cautionary tale--the Miami shootout led to a number of changes in equipment and tactics after eight FBI agents and two bank robbers had a firefight, including the switch to larger calibers in semi auto pistols and the need to have adequate ammo on the agent’s person. Both robbers killed, two agents killed, all but one agent wounded.
    Hanlon lost his .357 revolver in the initial collision that started the engagement and had only his five shot backup revolver available. After being wounded in the hand, he couldn't reload it.