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Scott Walker May Be Positioning for Presidential Run

Conservatives aren’t the only ones taking notice of Walker. Liberals nationally, too, are watching – with a combination of interest and horror at what may lie ahead.

David Heller, president of Washington, D.C-based Main Street Communications and one of the top political media consultants and campaign strategists in the Democratic Party, tells Wisconsin Reporter that Scott Walker’s national profile matches anyone in the Republican Party right now — New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie included. That makes Wisconsin’s governor a very “plausible contender” for a 2016 presidential run, Heller said.

“He comes into a 2016 race standing for something,” said the strategist, whose clients have won 15 of 19 general-election open seat races for Congress, according to his website. “He has a niche, and that’s something most presidential candidates don’t start off with.”

Source: Wisconsin Reporter. Read full article. (link)

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