When D.G. Yuengling and Son became the biggest American-owned brewery in the country last year, the Pottsville company celebrated with a "Here's to you, Philly," promotion during which it offered a free serving of its signature lager to bar patrons around Philadelphia.

The company said beer-drinkers in the city of brotherly love helped revive the popularity of its historic brand, which has become one of the fastest-growing brews in the country.

So it seems fitting that the company's fifth-generation owner Dick Yuengling said he was "the happiest guy in the beer business" until he found out the same city he chose to celebrate his company's success has slapped it with a lawsuit seeking more than $6 million.

The lawsuit stems from a disagreement between the city and Yuengling about whether the company has to pay Philadelphia's business income and receipts tax, which is assessed on companies doing business in the city.