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US Expanding Drug War in Latin America

In the most expensive initiative in Latin America since the Cold War, the U.S. has militarized the battle against the traffickers, spending more than $20 billion in the past decade. U.S. Army troops, Air Force pilots and Navy ships outfitted with Coast Guard counter-narcotics teams are routinely deployed to chase, track and capture drug smugglers.

The sophistication and violence of the traffickers is so great that the U.S. military is training not only law enforcement agents in Latin American nations, but their militaries as well, building a network of expensive hardware, radar, airplanes, ships, runways and refueling stations to stem the tide of illegal drugs from South America to the U.S.

Source: AP. Read full article. (link)

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  • JeremyR||


  • JBinMO||

    Well this is sure to stop the flow of drugs.

  • gaoxiaen||

    The war on drugs has only been going on for about a hundred years. It won't get better overnight, you know. Give us a chance. We're losing the war on drugs so we need more police, prisons, money, weapons, etc... OR It's almost won, we just need more police, prisons, money, weapons, etc... OR Let's make it more palatable by killing more people overseas by giving them more police, prisons, money, weapons, etc... OR because fuck you!