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Virginia County May Force Employees Into Classes to Quit Smoking

Fairfax County can legally force its employees to enroll in classes that help them stop smoking, the county's attorney said.

County Attorney David Bobzien offered that finding to the County Board of Supervisors, whose members wanted to know whether they could force county employees to stop smoking or refuse to hire someone who smokes as a way to reduce the county's soaring health care costs.

Bobzien concluded that the county can make employees attend smoking cessation classes "just as it may require its employees to take training on other topics." But it can't require them to pass the class and actually quit.

Source: Washington Examiner. Read full article. (link)

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  • Sevo||

    How many ways can this be wrong?
    1) Smokers kick off early; charge the damn gym rats for living forever.
    2) If smoking is 'an addiction', I'll bet there's an ADA suit hiding in here.
    3) Can the folks get a smoke break during the classes?