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Michigan Senate Follows House in Passing Right-To-Work

LANSING — The Michigan House and Senate each passed controversial right-to-work legislation today, amid loud protests and a walkout by Democratic legislators.

The state House passed the first right-to-work bill late this afternoon in a 58-52 vote, but that bill can’t move on to the Senate until the next session day -- possibly Friday, if a session is scheduled -- because of a procedural move by Democrats who are asking that the vote be reconsidered.

The state Senate approved two right-to-work bills this evening, one dealing with public workers and the other with private-sector employees. The bills passed 22-16 and 22-4, respectively.

Source: Detroit Free Press. Read full article. (link)

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  • Lyle||

    Blue Model going bye bye in the Wolverine state.

  • Sevo||

    "and a walkout by Democratic legislators."

    They didn't scram to another state?! Sleazy bastards did the last time they had a chance; did someone point out it was illegal?

  • Calvin Coolidge||

    Walking off the job and refusing to do the work you were hired to do in order to protest Right to Work. Sounds pretty appropriate for Union supporters. Did they throw rocks and scream obscenities at the legislators who tried to access the capitol to do their jobs?

  • Stephdumas||

    Some Hollywood stars (including Michael Moore) wants to battle that.

    Strange then they film most of their movies elsewhere (Canada, Australia,etc...) but not in California.... "do what I said not as I do" mantra seems to work.