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Principal Makes Boys Hold Hands After Fight

A principal is under fire in Arizona, after his method of “punishment by humiliation” has left many upset.

Students named Julio and Charles of Westwood High School in Mesa, Arizona, were brought to Principal Tim Richards after a fist fight and presented with two choices. They could either by suspended — or they could hold hands for an hour in front of fellow students.

The high school duo conferred and decided to hold hands, as students laughed at them anduploaded pictures to social media sites while they sat in chairs outside with their faces covered.

Now Richards has been criticized by the Mesa school district, which released a statement criticizing his actions.

Source: NBCLatino. Read full article. (link)

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  • Robert||

    What's the beef? Seems fine to me. Are the objectors saying it's too much? Too little? That they should've had no choice but suspension?