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Deputy Suspended for Trying to Tase Teen Streaker

The unnamed Coweta County Sheriff’s deputy who fired his taser at 16-year-old Gunner Cook as the student streaked in boxer shorts across the field at the recent football game between East Coweta High School and Newnan High School has been suspended.

Sheriff Mike Yeager said that while the deputy followed the taser policy there was no need to fire the taser even though the 16-year-old was non-compliant and did not follow the deputy’s order.

“The situation didn’t call for using (the taser). The officer admitted after the fact that it was a reaction,” Yeager said of the deputy’s action after he gave Cook verbal commands to stop running during a half-time ceremony. “But he didn’t tase him. He fell as it was deployed. (Cook) was never struck.”

Source: The Citizen. Read full article. (link)

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