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Gay Marriage Support Slips, But Still Ahead, In WA

As we count down the days to the November 6 elections, Queerty is looking at the current situation in the marriage-equality battleground states of Washington, Maine, Maryland and Minnesota.

Today we look at Washington State, where gay-marriage advocates are working to uphold the state’s recent legalization of same-sex marriage.

Even though Washington United for Marriage, the campaign to approve Referendum 74, recently scored a whopping $500,000 donation from Bill and Melinda Gates, the fight for equality is tighter than ever: The latest poll numbers, taken from an Elway survey released Wednesday, indicate support for Referendum 74 is under 50%, with supporters beating opponents 49% to 45%. That’s only a four point margin—and considering “undecideds” often skew toward “no,” it’s too close for comfort.

Source: Queerty. Read full article. (link)

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