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Obama Camp Frets Over 2007 Video

The five-year old video showing President Barack Obama talking bluntly about race, Hurricane Katrina and Rev. Jeremiah Wright is a source of worry for a campaign that’s already on a knife’s edge over Wednesday night’s high-stakes debate in Denver and thinning leads in national polls.

Obama’s aides and top Democratic officials projected an air of nonchalance and nothing-to-see-here Tuesday night as Fox News and Tucker Carlson’s Daily Caller promoted the 2007 speech at Hampton University as a racial rant with the capacity to change the game. But the reelection campaign is concerned especially by the possibility of re-litigating Wright’s role in Obama’s life — a storyline long seen in Obamaland as among the most damaging to the president.

Source: Politico. Read full article. (link)

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  • Brian from Texas||

    Oh please. If most voters didn't care about Clinton porking fat chicks in '96 and Bush burning the Bill of Rights in '04, they're not going to give two shit about Obama's playing the race card from five years ago.