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TSA Ignores Own Policy, Deletes Photos of Checkpoint

TSA screeners confiscated a man’s camera after he began video recording a checkpoint in Puerto Rico, deleting his footage before returning his camera.

The incident has sparked a debate on Flyer Talk as to what laws would actually apply in this case.

On one hand, there are no photo or video restrictions at Transportation Security Administration checkpoints, as much as many screeners act otherwise.

But on the other hand, Puerto Rico has its own constitution and laws that might not always reflect those of the United States.

Source: Photography Is Not a Crime. Read full article. (link)

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  • Bob Burns||

    While TSA understands it’s hard at times to distinguish our officers from law enforcement or other officials, the person who took the camera from the passenger in Puerto Rico was not a TSA employee.

    TSA did not tamper with the camera or erase any of its content.

    Additionally, the individual that appears in the video being circulated is not a TSA employee. http://1.usa.gov/T6weYN


    Bob Burns
    TSA Blog Team