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DOJ, ATF Slammed in Fast and Furious Report

Serious management failures at the Justice Department and the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives are detailed in an internal-watchdog report on the botched Fast and Furious operation against gun traffickers.

Justice Department Inspector General Michael Horowitz is set to release his more than 400-page report later Wednesday, the most extensive review of the missteps by federal officials in Arizona and Washington that led to the scandal, according to people who have read drafts of the report.

Source: Wall Street Journal. Read full article. (link)

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  • BigT||

    I am shocked. The DOJ did not find the Attorney General at fault in any way. It is very common for underlings to take down their bosses. Particularly in the govt.


  • Cool Story, Bro||

    Watching Blue Team apparatchiks defend Holder on various MSM comment boards is vomit-inducing. I completely understand why the war protests suddenly ended on Jan 20, 2009. Partisan hackery is a cancer.

  • Palin's Buttplug||

    The partisan cancer of 2003-07 was the worst.

  • Cool Story, Bro||

    You don't even see the irony in your post. Just do as you're ordered, lad, and you get a trophy like every other marginal American who only wants to belong.

  • C. S. P. Schofield||

    I think it isn't quite fair to say that anti-war protests ended on Jan 20, 2009. COVERAGE of such protests ended, certainly, but we know that the mainstream media was in the tank for Obamaramadingdong, and that the Conservative media (to the extent that there is much) was for supporting the war.

    Maybe I'm just imagining anti-war sentiment in the pictures I saw of the various Occupy (whatever) protests. But I think that there was a certain amount of it present, and the media somehow wasn't interested in talking about that aspect of it.

  • The Derider||

    Here's a much more accurate description of the report, from the report itself:

    Our review of Operation Fast and Furious and related matters revealed aseries of misguided strategies, tactics, errors in judgment, and managementfailures that permeated ATF Headquarters and the Phoenix Field Division, as well as the U.S. Attorney’s Office for the District of Arizona.

    Page 482, 1st paragraph of the conclusion.

    The report found absolutely no evidence of wrongdoing by Holder, nor any evidence to substantiate the conspiracy theory that guns were intentionally allowed to "walk".

  • Palin's Buttplug||

    I guess wingnuts will have to conjure up some new fake scandal.

  • Cool Story, Bro||

    If the president had any other letter next to his name, one-dimensional twats like you would be fist-fucking his pucker. Your integrity is negotiable.

  • Palin's Buttplug||

    Post more!

    You sound like fun to fuck with.

  • Cool Story, Bro||

    You totally negated my previous statement.

  • XM||

    Border patrol agents aren't shot to death by guns we provided to drug fiends in fake controversies.

  • Palin's Buttplug||

    Yes they are!

  • Cool Story, Bro||

    Well, I'm convinced. This is how logic works in the partisan world.

  • ThatSkepticGuy||

    2 + 2 = 5

  • John Galt||

    I feel much safer now.

  • Ron||

    why is it that we allow government agencies to investigate themselves when we never let private enterprise to investigate themselves?

  • osdfnxnb||