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Ad Campaign Targets Koch Brothers

A liberal nonprofit group linked to Harry Reid is launching what it says will be a long-term multimillion-dollar advertising campaign targeting the conservative Koch brothers.

The campaign, which is funded by Patriot Majority, kicks off Tuesday with a $500,000 cable television ad buy accusing Charles and David Koch of trying “to buy this year’s elections and advance their agenda.”
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It marks perhaps the most concerted — and certainly the best-funded — effort by Democrats to make an election issue of the Kochs, or any of the emergent class of conservative megadonors. The brothers intend to steer nearly $400 million in the run-up to Election Day to a linked network of conservative groups, including some that have aired among the most aggressive attack ads against President Barack Obama and his Democratic allies in Congress.

Source: Politico. Read full article. (link)

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