Food Freedom

Batman Wants Bacon!

Let's put the whole "don't eat cured meats" hoo-ha in perspective, please.


From the Twitter feed of Brit-based alan robbo? comes quite possibly the single-greatest statement about bacon since Parks and Recreation's Ron Swanson placed his unforgettable diner order:


It's an appropriate response to the big hoo-ha over just how much your chances for cancer increase from eating cured meats. As Ronald Bailey counsels, "Should you swear off bacon, hot dogs, sausage and ham? Only if you are worried about raising your lifetime risk of getting colorectal cancer from 5 percent to 6 percent."

Back in 2008, Reason TV and Drew Carey reported on "The Battle of the Bacon Dogs" and introduced one of the greatest supervillains we've yet to discover: an implacable Los Angeles bureaucrat who calmly elucidates and defends just why it's so goddamned important that the city step between willings sellers and willing customers. Check it out: