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Tonight on The Independents: Eric Cantor Shocker, Woe in Afghanistan & Iraq, David Boaz on Sentencing Reform, Snowden Plea-Float, Police Militarization, Meet Libertarian 'Spoiler' Sean Haugh, Teacher Tenure Ruling, Plus After-Show*


Whoa. |||

What the hell, House Majority Leader Eric Cantor (R-Va.) just got primaried? On tonight's episode of The Independents (Fox Business Network, 9 p.m. ET, 6 p.m. PT, repeats three hours later), the great Yahoo News political reporter Chris Moody will come on to make sense out of what few people were predicting until, like, an hour ago. Was it all about "amnesty"? Was it also about crony capitalism, Fannie & Freddie, and TARP? We shall discuss.

The news in places where U.S. soldiers long fought has been terrible today, so radio host and military veteran Bryan Suits will be on to discuss. Cato Executive Vice President David Boaz will analyze Attorney General Eric Holder's recent moves in the direction of sentencing reform for non-violent drug offenders. Bill Gertz is reporting that federal prosecutors are in secret talks with NSA whistleblower Edward Snowden over a possible plea deal, so we'll talk about that with Party Panelists Ellis Henican (Newsday columnist) and comedian Jimmy Failla.

Have you seen the year's best campaign commercial?

We'll talk to the star, North Carolina LP Senate nominee Sean Haugh, one of many Libertarians making a surprisingly strong showing in the South this year. And I may talk about the landmark (and sure-to-be-contested) tenure-shredding court decision in California today.

* Aftershow begins on should begin a tad after 10; sorry about last night's tech debacle. Follow The Independents on Facebook at, follow on Twitter @ independentsFBN, tweet during the show & we'll use the best of 'em. Click on this page for more video of past segments.