Supreme Court Remains Silent on Major Gun Rights Case


On April 18 and again on April 25, the U.S. Supreme Court met in private conference to consider the latest crop of cases seeking review. According to the Court's docket, both conferences included discussion of Drake v. Jerejian, a Second Amendment case centering on the constitutionality of New Jersey's Handgun Permit Law. On April 21, the Court announced the results of its April 18 conference. There was no word on Drake. Today the Court announced the results of its April 25 conference. Once again, silence on the Second Amendment. With no action taken, the case will now most likely be re-listed for another round of debate at the Court's next private conference, which is currently scheduled for May 2.

These are notable developments. The Supreme Court rejects the vast majority of petitions it receives each year (the acceptance rate is around 2 percent). That Drake keeps kicking around suggests somebody on the Court has taken a serious interest in hearing the case and is pushing for extra consideration among the nine members before a final vote is held on whether or not to accept it. If that is the reason, then no news today might very well mean good news in the future for gun rights advocates.

Here's why the Supreme Court should take the case.

Update: Drake v. Jerejian has been re-listed for the Court's conference on May 2.