Police Abuse

Man Who Austin Cop Chased, Shot, Killed Not Suspected of Any Particular Crime But May Have Been Up to No Good


Another harrowing adventure in modern policing, where every encounter can turn suddenly, inexplicably, pointlessly fatal–for the person the cop encounters.

Sick details from Austin Chronicle:

At a press conference Monday afternoon,Austin Police Assistant Chief Brian Manleyacknowledged that the fatal shooting Friday of Larry Eugene Jackson, Jr. by an APD detective was more complicated than initially described….

Manley said police are "confident" that Jackson – shot and killed by APD Detective Charles Kleinert on Friday afternoon – had come to the Benchmark Bank where the detective was investigating an earlier (unrelated) robbery to "commit a fraud" and was not there to conduct any legitimate business.

Jackson misidentified himself when he was questioned by the bank manager that afternoon outside the bank on West 35th Street. Jackson had previously tried to enter the bank, police said, but the door was locked because of the ongoing robbery investigation. Jackson briefly left, police say, then returned and tried again to enter the bank before he was confronted by the manager, who in turn told Kleinert, who was inside the bank conducting a follow-up investigation of the morning robbery, about the exchange. Kleinert went outside to talk with Jackson and after a two- or three-minute conversation – captured by surveillance cameras – Jackson fled, police say.

Although police say they've ruled out any connection between Jackson and the robber who struck the facility that morning….Manley told reporters at a Monday press briefing that they are nonetheless certain that Jackson was up to no good.

So, then Kleinert commandeered a citizen's car to drive after Jackson–the motorist in question found Kleinert's behavior bizarre and disturbing and "out of control"–and when he drove around and saw Jackson walking on a sidewalk, he:

followed Jackson under the bridge near the Shoal Creek Trail and there a scuffle ensued; Jackson was shot once, in the back of the neck. He died just before 4:30 pm, police said. Manley said police are still trying to determine what happened during the altercation and whether Kleinert's gun was fired "intentionally or accidentally."

Police couldn't really explain exactly how or why they thought the dead man was going to "commit a fraud" on the bank. 

And what is APD policy on such chasing of people suspected of being suspicious?.

"flight by a subject who is not suspected of criminal activity shall not serve as the sole justification for engaging in a foot pursuit without the development of reasonable suspicion regarding the individual's involvement in criminal activity," reads APD's policy on foot pursuit. 

Yep, you hear about this kind of horrible crap a lot around this blog.

Hat tip: Radley Balko.