Shikha Dalmia Debates Immigration, Economics, and Open Borders at Hillsdale College Free Market Forum

Reason senior policy analyst Shikha Dalmia attended and speech and debate held at the Hillsdale College Free Market Forum on October 5, 2012. Shikha presented the case for an open immigration policy based on the political philosophy of classical liberalism and an economic cost-benefit analysis. The Chair is Ron Mahurin, Council for Christian Colleges & Universities, and the Shikha's fellow presentors are Hillsdale College's Kevin Portteus and Center for Immigration Studies' Mark Krikorian.

About an hour and a half.

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  • realsimon||

    Video cuts of at 9th minute. Is there a complete recording anywhere?

  • Brigitta||

    Dalmia was polite and courteous when listening to Mark Krikorian. But Krikorian was extremely childish and fidgety near the end when Dalmia was replying.

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