Peter Suderman Says Fewer Jobs Means Medicaid Growth on Cavuto

"As the economy gets weaker, more people end up enrolled in Medicaid. The economy is not producing enough jobs for people to get their own health insurance."

Reason's Peter Suderman explains that despite mortality rates being the same, if not worse, for Medicaid recipients compared to the uninsured, the Affordable Care Act involves expanding the program further to cover 15 million people in the coming decade.

The number of individuals on medicaid has risen by 10 million people since 2008.

On Fox Business' Cavuto October 19, 2012

Duration 5:40

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  • dan'o||

    If the ACA expands Medicaid coverage to 133% of poverty line, I don't understand how the expansion could only be calculated at +15 million over 10 years. Sounds pretty rosey to me

  • Carly EngageAmerica||

    Medicaid is in need of major structural reform. Not only is it stretching limited financial resources at the federal and state levels, but it also falls far short in delivering quality care and services for those in need. Obamacare only makes matters worse by adding millions of people to this already strained and unreformed program.

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